About us

Welcome to Happinestore
Happinestore is a private company located in China. We provide high-quality product accessories and technical services for heating and plumbing. Technology has allowed the company to accelerate the rollout of a wide range of heating equipment. Obtaining the correct accessories or replacement parts can be a very difficult task for the end user. Quickly find the part that's right for you from our most complete inventory in the industry, offering world-class brands at the best prices. Get peace of mind with genuine parts designed and manufactured specifically for your heating equipment.

Happinestore offers a growing selection of products from the best brands, free shipping options, competitive prices and easy buying. Happinestore has a team of more than 100 people. Each product has at least three layers of inspection and testing before leaving the factory. You can buy with confidence.

We believe we are part of a shared humanity, and we are happy to have these moments in front of us to connect with our loved ones, hear what is meaningful within us, and appreciate the wondrous beauty of the world.
Beautiful moment. beautiful memories. Good product. Then you can create a good life.

Our Perspective

We Serve
The customer is always right.
We exceed customer expectations and deliver beyond expectations
we adapt to us
Anticipate changes and plan ahead
We embrace unusual changes and make them happen
we go faster
We are proprietary and results oriented, we are our own driving force
We always have a sense of urgency to make things happen

We Promise
We are trustworthy and we deliver on our promises.
We maintain high standards and never take shortcuts.
We take ownership and are always looking for ways to improve the company.
we remain humble we
Believe that we must always learn from the market and our competitors
We accept that we are not perfect and we will never be perfect
We work hard, then celebrate success

We have fast shipping channels, and it only takes 1 week to deliver the package to your home.
We have perfect after-sales service, you can contact us at any time if you have any questions, we will reply you immediately, thank you

Our email address: sales@happinestore.com
Our phone number: +86 177 0643 0043
Our physical business address: Craft Building 414, No. 55 Zhenhua Road, Fuqiang Community, Huaqiang North Street, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Customer Service: M-F, 9AM–5PM EST
Sales: 7 Days/Week, 6AM–9PM PT